The skinny on straight leg jeans

There’s nothing worse than walking around looking like an inverted triangle, except for maybe looking like you have drumsticks for legs. In order to avoid these unfortunate looks I choose straight leg jeans over skinny jeans, except when I want to tuck my jeans into tall boots.

I’m not against skinny jeans. I think they look great on lots of people. If I could wear them well then I would but they just don’t work for me. I’m slim but I have wide hips. No amount of dieting will whittle away my bones. I have to work with these things.

For those with wide hips you need a little volume in the lower leg area to balance things out a bit.

Below are my go-to brands for straight leg jeans.My top choice in premium denim is the COH Elson which is a medium-rise jean. I love it in black. SO versatile! For a slightly less expensive pair Madewell’s Rail Straight jeans are perfect. I have them in Black Frost and the Madewell Wash.



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