The little blue box that doesn’t leave my heart aflutter

I have a confession. I don’t “get” what the fuss is over diamond jewelry. OK, that’s not exactly true. I do think diamonds are sparkly and pretty and I still think my engagement ring is stunning (I receieved it 7 years ago, been married for 6 -how time flies!) And I love Cathy Waterman’s designs.  But I just don’t quite understand the level of lust they inspire.

Some things are expensive because they work better than other ,similar objects-think the Dyson vacuum. Other things are more expensive because they take more time and skill to make, like the handcrafted furniture from this site. I’d fork over the cash for some of their stuff without hesitation.

But then some things are more expensive because they are status symbols.  They say something about the owner, something like “Hey I’m rich!” True, some of these status symbols might also take more time to make and/ or they work better, say like a BMW. I don’t own a BMW but I’m sure it’s probably a more comfortable, maybe even more reliable ride than my old  Hyundai Santa Fe. And I’m sure an Hermes Birkin is a perfectly lovely bag made out of some baby animal’s supple, young hide  with mind blowingly  even stitching or whatever. But there’s a point at which your money is not going to get you something “better” it’s just getting you status. I mean really Hermes, 10-20k, for a bag? Is it THAT much better? I by no means am saying I am above buying status items. Au contraire. I think about the labels I buy often and I like getting things that others would recognize as “nice.” If I could afford a Beamer it would be sitting in my garage right now. There just comes a certain point where the amount of money being shelled out for a status item seems a bit ridiculous to me and thats how I feel about diamonds. Maybe I’m just cheap but I think they cost too much and now you can get fake diamonds that could fool most anyone’s naked eyes. I wouldn’t  reject a Tiffany bracelet I’d just rather have something else. Vent over.

This post was supposed to be about how I like these lovely necklaces below. They are simple and different but not too “out there.” I admire someone who can pull off the statement necklace. I just don’t think that person is me so I veer towards things that are a bit tamer while still being interesting.



Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Yesterday I went to Anthropologie. I LOVE that store. Yes the merchandise is overpriced ($100 polyester shirt-WHAT?)  and the quality is not always the greatest but I just can’t help myself. I love anthro! They have some marketing genuises at that company. They don’t just sell you clothing but a LIFESTYLE . I fall for it every single time.

There is something distinctly Anthropologie about the way their stores look, smell, and sound like. You walk in and first thing you notice is that Anthro smell. Those candles! And then you see the impressive and ever changing window and store displays.  And of course, there’s the soundtrack. Camera Obscura, Feist, She and Him, and the like. The store feels cozy and chic and makes the clothes that much more appealing. Would I spend as much at Anthro if the stores looked like Talbot’s inside? Probably not.

Its kind of a ritual of mine to go there, soak up some of the atmosphere, and peruse the goods while the Husband takes the girls to a nearby park.  Yesterday while I was there I found a few items I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet.


Dolman tee

Dolman tee

Pilcro slim fit pants



Cuff jewelry

Ridged Ribs Boatneck
All of the tops above are by Bordeaux. I have been impressed lately with their basic shirts. They remind me of some Vince shirts I’ve had my eye on but they’re half the price. The jeans are both by Pilcro. I am consistently impressed by how this brand fits my slim but pear shaped figure. I’ll be back soon to purchase a few of those items.
Of course I’ll have to bring them home to try them on and see if they look as good as I thought they did. You know Anthro has magic mirrors, don’t you? I remember the first time I noticed. I was trying on some jeans. I remember thinking “hey these look good!” but maybe just a little too good.  When I put back on my own clothes my suspicions only grew. I was pretty sure my ratty old jeans hadn’t looked that good when I left the house. How had my hips lost a few inches? I inspected the mirror, trying to see if it was at an angle, as that can give a bit of a funhouse skinny mirror effect. It was hard to tell. I went home and read about fitting room skinny mirrors and as it turns out this is happening in lots of stores.  I had no idea. I happen to think Anthro’s mirrors are especially deceptive and it really annoys me because I end up buying lots of stuff so I can try it on at home in front of my own brutally honest mirror.